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How we design

Do you ever wonder what's behind good design?

Here's some of the tools we use to help guide our design decisions. Some are common sense, and others have developed over time.

Sight Lines: Think about sight lines as you move through a space. Ever changing views form your impression.

Diagonal: Pay attention to the longest dimension of a room. We take advantage of this distance to make spaces feel larger.

Scale and Proportion: Everyone has their own sense of right sized spaces - cozy or spacious.

Prospect and Refuge: Contrasting concepts of spaces that are exciting, and spaces that promise privacy are important to a successful design.

Choreography: Good design considers movement through the home. We even talk about "dancing room"; spaces feel best when there's room to waltz.

Natural Light: The daily pattern of sunlight has proven to be important to our health. Think of your home as a kind of sundial that signals the start and end of the day.