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Our Services and Fees

Construction has its share of surprises, but we don't want architecture or engineering fees to be one of them. We are transparent with our fee calculations. We'll also give you an idea of what the engineering fees may be for your project. And we prefer to work with general contractors that provide upfront detailed costs to our clients.

Every project is different, so we provide services that are custom tailored to your needs. We'll calculate the anticipated hours for architectural and interior design services and provide a lump sum fee for an agreed scope. Our 2022 hourly rate is $160/hour for design and $175/hour for meetings. Our 2023 rates will be $170/hour for design and $185/hour for meetings.

Here's some typical project fees - for both architecture and interior design, combined, Schematic Design to Permit drawings.

* Kitchen and Living Area remodel - $14,000

*Whole House Remodel (about 2,000 s.f.) - $18,000

*Addition project (about 1,000 to 1,500 s.f.) - $15,000 to $18,000

*Remodel and Addition project (2,000 s.f. to 3,500 s.f.) - $20,000- $35,000

*New Construction - about $15 to $17/per s.f.

(all fees will vary by size and complexity)

*Hourly Consulting:

- If you are not sure how to start your project, or want to discuss some ideas before you commit to the entire process, we're happy to spend some time exploring with you. Typically 3 hours or $495.

- Interior Design consulting during construction - if you have a project under construction and need some guidance, let us know! We'll also be happy to take the lead on working with your general contractor.

- Production Homes Consulting. We'll review plans and design concepts and suggest fresh ideas to improve sales.

Are you shopping around to different firms? That's great - it's important to find the right fit for your goals and budget. There are a lot of good design companies to choose from. One thing that may set us apart is our combined architecture and interior design approach. We have an integrated comprehensive approach, and we create all the drawings ourselves. Every line matters!

Feel free to schedule a phone call if you'd like to talk or have additional questions.